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New Beginnings K-9 Training, LLC

New Beginnings K-9 Training
1211 Cox Avenue, Erlanger, KY 41018 
 (859) 282-6504 
The professionals at New Beginnings K-9 Training, Dog Walking & Dog Sitting understand dogs. We base all we do on the latest research and positive reinforcement training, because we know your dog is family. We share our commitment to the canine good with owners looking for trusting, respectful relationships with their dogs - and with us. Learn more about NBK9 to discover the best in Dog Training, Dog Walking and Dog Sitting in Northern Kentucky.
Business Hours
Mon-Fri (10:00am – 4:00pm)
Locations Served
Northern Kentucky

Client Testimonials

"As a new dog owner, K-9 Beginnings has been amazing. Karen and her staff set the bar extremely high for how a boarding and training facility should be operated. With scheduled drop off and pick up times, dogs are treated to a routine and scheduled day. This helps establish a secure and anxiety-free environment for all pets. Dogs are treated to a pristine facility, trained employees, and safe AND supervised play times. Facebook and Instagram posts will also allow you to see all the fun your furry friend is having while you can enjoy your daily routine or vacation. Our dog will not be boarded anywhere else. The competition??? There is no competition because no other facility is ran the same way as Karen and her staff."  - Courtney Schreiber (Google Review)

"New Beginnings has been absolutely wonderful. Karen and her staff are well trained professionals who only want the best for each and every dog. They have worked with us and given us plenty of advice and training tips for our overly hyper dog. New Beginnings genuinely cares about our dog and will be honest about anything that needs to be addressed. Before we decided on New Beginnings for day care and boarding we looked at other places, however, New Beginnings far exceeded our expectations. The environment keeps the dogs anxiety low and also gives them a place to play on real grass. The facility is top notch and exceptionally well maintained. New Beginnings has helped us better understand our dog and worth every penny. Our dog is a better dog because of new beginnings. We would not trust our dog with anyone else."  - Sami Phillips (Google Review)

"We take our 4 yr. old grand dog, Joey, to day care at New Beginnings. He is a Golden Retriever. He was also a bit skittish and shy.   The Staff at New Beginnings called me his first day of day care around noon to come & pick Joey up. School is supposed to be all day. Karen, the owner, greets me at the door & informs me Joey is not a happy camper. She suggests we start Joey at half-days as she wants him to be more comfortable with his new surroundings & friends. She was looking out for our beautiful dog’s best interest. We did half-days for two weeks. He began to trust & love the staff at New Beginnings. They were only concerned about what was in the best interest for Joey.  We then enrolled him in obedience school, which they reinforce at day care. It was a blast taking these classes every Saturday morning. They encourage the whole family to participate!   But don't kid yourself. The training is really as much for the humans as the dog!   Through the Holidays we put him in boarding for a day, as we had so many people in from out of town. The staff member greeted me & exclaimed “Oh great! Joey is here. My dog is here today & they are great friends!”   The minute I say to Joey, “We have school today,” he runs to the door! I take him to school & he doesn't even look back at me. He cannot wait to get in there & see his friends! The staff couldn't be any nicer to our dog! They are always engaged and aware of how he is doing.  When Joey gets home he is one tired dog!   I cannot begin to tell you how much more confident, friendly, and, it goes without saying, better behaved pet we now have!  New Beginnings goes above and beyond anything I could have hoped for in a day care program for our Joey.  Thank you New Beginnings for the love and trust you have brought to our family!"   - Cindy & John Carey (Google Review)

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